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March 10, 2016

“Big things have small beginnings, sir.”


So you’re saying to yourself, “Oh great. Yet ANOTHER podcast about movies.”


Well, my friend–You’re wrong.


You see, here at Versus, we’re setting out to be something different. We want to be the podcast on the other side of the gym during your high school prom. You know, the mysterious girl who everybody is afraid of. THAT’S Versus. You see, unlike any other run of the mill podcast, we’re setting out to do something bold. That’s right friends– we’re setting out to make the biggest, best, overall movie compendium of all time.

With the help of the almighty Flickchart, we’re going to be throwing two movies up against each other head-to-head and duke it out between ourselves until we come to a victor. Its simple– Which ever movie of the pair gets the majority vote (2/3 for you non-math majors), that movie moves on, farther up on our list while the other one gets dumped away into the deep, dark, James Cameron-esque Abyss. So while we’re not reviewing movies like your average run-of-the-mill movie podcast (Check out the /Filmcast for that), we are discussing films amongst ourselves for your aural pleasure. Let’s go and rediscover classics together, old and new.


A Little About Us


Josh (Aka – Lethal Hobo): I’ve been an avid lover of film since the wee age of 12. I started out with my first camera at age 16, and then from there, I was off and running. I’ve made various short films throughout the years and have continued to grow in the art of telling stories. I’m mainly an editor– I’d like to think that I have a pretty good eye for subtle symbollism that often times hangs out on the fringes of the frame. A graduate of four degrees from one of the better film schools in AZ, I feel like I know a thing or two about film– especially from the pre, post, and production side of things. Look for that perspective from me when we discuss our head-to-head match ups!


Todd (Aka – Rorschach): Unlike Josh and Hunter, Todd didn’t have time to pursue his goal of film degrees and acting. As a child, he was raised by the Holy Madmen of Tibet, learning the ancient ways of strange dress and the power of trolling kings. After being sold to a tribe of endocannibals, he discovered their stash of Steven Seagal VHS tapes. This taught him about the power of story telling through the medium of films, and he realized he had a purpose in this life. Now in the witness protection program on the run from the Horse Reiki Mafia, Todd hopes to bring to Versus the viewpoint of the average audience member.


Hunter (Aka – HDAWG): Hunter is, if nothing else, a people person.  Having dabbled in theater work in high school, he quickly fell in love with the art of acting.  Although he left for college to pursue a degree in science, the love of the craft never truly left him.  Hunter and Josh have teamed up several times over the years, Hunter in front of the camera with Josh behind, to create short films (several of which have won competitions and film festivals). By day Hunter delivers science shows, assemblies, demonstrations, and even teaches the MCAT to pre-med students, all while applying to med school himself.  Something of an outlier, Hunter is an outgoing nerd…an empirically driven artist who approaches his craft with meticulous logic and critical reasoning.  Enjoy the unique perspective (and ridiculous antics) he provides on our weekly battles!



What to Expect


Let’s shoot straight, here. We have to give credit where credit is due. For those familiar with the old podcast, The Totally Rad Show, our show concept is a fleshed-out version of their ‘TRS Vs.’ segment. I highly recommend you check out their show– although dated now, it is still a great show for discussing movies/games/comics that were big in the mid 2000’s to early 2010’s (I’ll put the link below). While they did their ‘VS’ in a rapid fire succession, they left little to their reasoning as to why they picked what they picked.  We aim to change that. By announcing which movies we’ll be doing in the next week at the end of every episode, we hope that you, the listener, can watch the two films and join in on the discussion. Whether it be with fellow co-workers, commenters on the board, or facebook group members, let’s keep classics alive by discussing them in-depth!

As far as show structure goes, that’s still a work in progress. Don’t worry, though– give us 10 episodes or so to get our feet on the ground and we’ll make sure you keep coming back again and again.  I’m thinking we start out at the top of the show and warm you up, by doing a segment that covers the biggest three stories of the week regarding anything movies or Hollywood. Yeah, sounds about right– We can each bring a new item to the table, have a quick discussion, and reflect on the news. Totally spitballing here– Then we move into the Versus discussion for the meat and potatoes of the podcast and after we make a decision on which movie stays and which movie gets thrown into Mount Doom, we close it out and call it a day. Keep it tuned to this website for more updates, blog posts, and episodes as they get posted!  Also, I’ll apologize now for the simplicity of the site– First time site builder here, so we’ll learn this thing together!

I’m not sure if we’ll stay SFW or NSFW due to language or not, we’ll experiment and see what happens.  Oh, and don’t worry– We’ll make sure to warn for spoilers!  So slam that RSS feed button or head to iTunes on your favorite apple device and subscribe to Versus!  Trust me, you’re in for a treat.  Let’s discuss the movies of today, yesterday, and tomorrow. Remember, here on Versus, there can only be one!


P.S.– If you’re still here and reading this, tell me where the quote at the beginning of the post comes from down below!  No Googling, now!


Check out The Totally Rad Show on Youtube!


Photo used under CC from Wikipedia Commons.



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