Hush vs You’re Next – VHP#01
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Welcome to Versus: Horror! This week, we discuss Hush vs You’re Next!

Welcome ghouls and gals to the inaugural episode of the first Versus spin-off, VERSUS: HORROR! In this podcast, dive in with hosts Josh, Brandon and Freddy as they dissect two horror films each week and quibble over which one is the superior film! This week, our boys are talking HUSH vs YOU’RE NEXT!

In our very first episode, you’ll get to know a little more about the hosts. After a decent discussion over the humble horror beginnings of each host, the boys dive into “Brandon’s Corner”. During Brandon’s Corner, the guys will discuss any topic that has piqued the interest of Brandon over the past couple of weeks. This week, Brandon brings the new IT trailer to the table and the boys discuss. Does Pennywise’s revealed voice from the trailer send shivers down your spine? Will Brandon ever get over his love of creepy clowns?

Finally, we move into the thick of it as the boys discuss whether HUSH or YOU’RE NEXT is a better film. These two films rose to the top of the fan favorite list with their more recent releases. Will die-hard horror fans like Brandon and Freddy fall in love with these films, or will they be forced to shun such modern horror films? You’ll definitely not want to miss this discussion!

Tune in next episode as we discus the films GREEN ROOM vs DON’T BREATHE! Feel free to leave a comment below or drop us an email at



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