Versus Episode 24: Saw vs The Devil’s Rejects
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Do You Want to Play a Game? Its Saw vs The Devil’s Rejects!

Put on your ponchos, because its about to get gory! The bros take a turn for the worst this week as we throw away the slasher knives and pick up the saws! This week, we enjoy life and don’t take anything for granted– its Saw vs The Devil’s RejectsHunter was too spooped out this week to join Todd and Josh, so in lieu of his absence, friend of the show and ‘torture porn’ aficionado, Brandon steps in to fill the void!

We begin week four of our “Spoopy to Spooky Halloween Spectacular” by discussing what we’ve been watching for the past week and follow up by discussing the Beekly 3.  We kick off the segment with the news of Deadpool 2 losing its director, Tim Miller. Todd fills us in on the latest rift between former director and the studio.  Next, we discuss one of the dopest dad jokes involving the Caped Crusader himself. Finally, we dive into the latest news regarding the (not really) much anticipated remake, Friday the 13th!

After shuckin’ and jivin’ for a half hour, we finally get down to the meat and potatoes of the show. We compare throw two kickstarters of the genre up against each other and figure out which one is better between Saw and The Devil’s Rejects. Which film will win in the battle of the deranged psychopath? Stay tuned to find out who wins!

As always, you can leave a comment below to let us know what your thoughts are on this discussion or email us at  Stay tuned for the final week of SPOOKY episodes where we compare two all-time horror classics! Will The Exorcist be a better film than HalloweenJoin us next week to find out!


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