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Have you seen Hitchcock?! — This Week, We’re Talking Vertigo vs Rear Window!

Lo and behold, the boys are back in town to discuss what might be some of the best classic movies around. We take a stroll to yesteryear and visit the 1950’s as we discuss two monumental Alfred Hitchcock films this week– its Vertigo vs Rear Window

Just like every episode, we open up the show by discussing what we’ve been watching for the past week and follow up by discussing the Beekly 3.  We kick off the news with an update on the Han Solo Star Wars spinoff movie. Did you all hear who they’ve pegged to star as the new and improved Harrison Ford? You might want to stick around to find out.  Next, we spend more time in a galaxy, far, far away as Hunter brings up the theory of how Rogue One will start off! To crawl, or not to crawl, that is the question! Finally, Josh throws out a pop quiz and tests the guys to see if they know who the highest paid actor is of 2015/16. I bet you’ll be surprised!

For this week’s versus segment, we check hop into our DeLorean and visit a much simpler time. Arriving in the 1950’s, we stroll into our favorite old-timey cinema and watch Vertigo vs Rear Window. Will we find Hitchcock’s cameos? Can we uncover the truth behind Jimmy Stewart’s acting voice? Maybe millenialism will prevail against old black and white movies? Stay tuned to find out!

As always, you can leave a comment below to let us know what your thoughts are on this discussion or email us at  Stay tuned for next week’s episode where we compare two modern western classics! Will True Grit be a better film than Django UnchainedJoin us next week to find out!

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