Versus 28: Ghost in the Shell vs Princess Mononoke
Versus Movie Podcast

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Take a trip to Japan with us– this week its ‘Ghost in the Shell’ vs ‘Princess Mononoke’!

Rising from the ashes of 2016, Versus is back for a new year! We kick off the year minus a series regular, but add our own anime expert to fill his spot! Which quintessential 90’s Anime film will come out on top? Find out– its Ghost in the Shell vs Princess Mononoke!


We begin by discussing what we’ve been watching for the past week and follow up by discussing the Beekly 3.  We kick off the segment by discussing the HUGE title reveal for Star Wars VIII: The Last Jedi. Next up, Hunter informs us of America’s favorite film festival, “C4GED”, and the surprising antics of the titular subject, Nicolas Cage himself. Enjoy a snippet of Cage reading Edgar Allen Poe’s famous short story, A Tell Tale Heart. Finally, the guys discuss the recent trailer release for Jordan Peele’s directorial debut, Get Out. Watch the trailer for yourself, just try not to get spooked out.


After an elongated first half of the show this week, we finally get down to brass tacks to discuss this week’s movies. We compare classic, cornerstones of 90’s anime when we dive into Ghost in the Shell vs Princess Mononoke. Which film will win in the battle of the classics? Stay tuned to find out who wins!


As always, you can leave a comment below to let us know what your thoughts are on this discussion or email us at Special thanks to Mike for guest hosting this week. Make sure to check out Mike’s podcast, Game Rushmore, at Next week, we put on the ol’ detective hat as we watch two modern classics from critically acclaimed directors– its Zodiac vs Sicario — Tune in next week!

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