Versus Episode 12: John Wick vs The Raid: Redemption
Versus Movie Podcast

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Welcome back to another fisticuffs filled episode of Versus! We’re coming out of early retirement to kick some ass and take some names! We’re joined this episode by our special guest host, James!  We open up the episode by discussing what we’ve been watching this week and follow up by discussing the Beekly 3.  We start off the discussion by talking about the latest trailer for Star Trek Beyond, discuss the debut of Neon Demon at Cannes, and finally, we discuss the latest info regarding Deadpool 2 and the casting rumor of Cable. For this week’s versus segment, strap on your brass knuckles because we have foes to fight in John Wick vs The Raid: Redemption! If you’re a fan of stylized choreography and murderous Keanu Reeves rampages, you’ll certainly will not want to miss this episode!


As always, you can leave a comment below to let us know what your thoughts are on this discussion or email us at  Stay tuned for next week’s episode where we launch into space to see the world from above! Will The Grand Budapest Hotel be a better film than The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou?

Links from the show:

Star Trek Beyond Trailer

Neon Demon at Cannes

Ron Perlman Rallies for Cable

John Wick Trailer

The Raid:Redemption Trailer



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